We collect unpaid debts

Fast. Respectful. Hassle-Free.

CollectWise uses AI + vetted lawyers to collect more than 50% of your outstanding payments at industry-leading costs. If we don't recover your funds, then you don't pay.


Average Success Rate

20 days

Standard Recovery Time


Starting Contingency Fee

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CollectWise makes it simple and fast to recover your outstanding payments

Increase Recovery Rates

Maximize your collection success rates and increase your profits with our proven strategies and AI system. We know exactly how to contact your debtors, what channels to target, and when to escalate while still being respectful.

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Decrease Collection Costs

Avoid paying excessively high contingency fees to collection agencies. CollectWise's modern, AI-enabled approach allows us to decrease costs and provide you with much lower and more transparent rates.

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Maintain a Positive Brand Image

Our communications with your debtors are strictly amicable and respectful, allowing you to maintain a positive brand image and even encourage future sales. Our system also operates as a white-label with your own branding and can be trained with any guidelines that you may have.

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Highest success rates

Proven collection strategies, intelligent AI, and vetted lawyers

Lowest costs

Efficient collection systems leveraging automation and AI

Brand-friendly messaging

Maintain kind and professional communication with your debtors